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Welcome to the guestbook! If you are coming by, I'd really appreciate it if you left a message to say you were here! These are sentimental to me, so thank you!

h4rl The discord is kinda cancer atm https://h4rl.is-a.dev 1700731667308
suiii so cooool 1700444597370
birb woof woof! >w< https://birb.works 1700262324573
Moaner moan 1700024839979
moaner moan 1700024805463
Moaner moan 1700024799369
Moaner Moan 1700024721926
Moaner moan 1700024681060
HmTici Has to be in the top 10 best protfolio ever https://icodethis.com/HmTici 1700006281680
goblin where yo gold at 1698886020420
K. Plane Nice website, looks awesome :tada: 1698694814189
C. Hodor Nostalgic. Love the website, will come back with mine when its done 1697478908514
thebe wow cool so cool 1697216893641