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Welcome to the guestbook! If you are coming by, I'd really appreciate it if you left a message to say you were here! These are sentimental to me, so thank you!

Moaner moan 1695400865941
frsr Thanks for the good times, Nebula was fun while it lasted 1694812387283
Soda 20 years in the making 1694356677936
jr I found this through a random Discord server, your website is really cool! 1693968493262
birb i actually hate max :3 https://birb.works 1693667046187
Kultist Bro can you believe the shit bird said? I don't know how he isn't cancelled yet. 1693630429501
smartfrigde best website ever https://armcord.app 1693584953151
Elo Nostalgic and refreshing, can't wait to see more! 1693571156780
kz-n based website https://kz-n.net 1693556158485
FlintSH this my shit lmao https://fl1nt.dev 1693556022757
spec job* god damnit 1693529414363
spec this looks sick af good jod man 1693529393303
birb congrats on the new website!! :3 https://birb.works 1693527669929