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Hi, I am FlintSH, welcome to my new website! I started development of the site on July 28th, 2023, and it was released August 31st, 2023. It is inspired by the old internet (and my old site).

I'm most known for the game servers I've ran in the past. It's honestly more servers than I could begin to count, but I have a few listed in the projects section if you want to learn more.

Probably inferred, but I'm also a programmer. I code some random things whenever I feel like it. You can read more about me here.

Some quick facts:

  • I'm from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
  • My main programming language is Python.
  • I'm working at world renowned server host, Shockbyte.
  • I've been running game servers for over 10 years.
  • I spend most of my time chatting in Discord or doing some weird random things anywhere on the web.
  • I'm a student in marketing at a local university.
Status: working on Avora - preparing for a release!


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Avora (coming soon)

An AI powered browser extension utilizing an embeddings and large language model to help users browse the web. Link


A Discord bot originally created as a music bot after Rhythm shut down, but later turned into a highly feature packed and sophisticated AI chat-bot as well.


Custom coded Minecraft server which ran from 2018-2023. I owned the server along with a close friend, however I left in 2021 to pursue other endeavors. Link


Python project utilizing Flask and Selenium to upgrade accounts to Spotify premium by automatically sending family invites. Link

Rusty Flintstone

A modded Rust server which topped modded server list charts within its first month.


Survival Minecraft server which I ran, this server taught me a lot about writing Bukkit plugins.